Swing Camp Portugal

28 September - 2 October 2022

São Pedro do Sul, Portugal

Swing Camp Portugal Lindy Hop Dancer
Worry-free Swing Vacations.
Food and accommodation included.
Swing Camp Portugal Lindy Hop Dancer
Charming Hotel Surrounded by Nature.
Swing Camp Portugal Lindy Hop Dancer
9h Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz classes and Tasters
Swing Camp Portugal Lindy Hop Dancer
5 days to Party hard with live music
Swing Camp Portugal Lindy Hop Dancer
Outstanding Bands and Teachers

Teachers & Bands

Little Big Swing Teachers Peter Kertz Elze Visnevskyte

Elze & Peter

“Lindy Hop is much more than only leading and following. It’s dancing, trying to feel your partner.”

María & Aurélien

“Movement is an experience; a holistic experience that starts deep within ourselves.”

Little Big Swing Teachers María Ferrer Aurélien Darbellay
Little Big Swing Teachers Alexey Kazennov Marta Stawicka

Marta & Alexey

“First connect to the music, second connect to yourself, third connect to your partner. The dance triangle within you has just begun.”

Pedro Vieira

“Nicholas Brothers, Al Minns and Leon James are my biggest inspirations.”

Little Big Swing Teachers Pedro Vieira

Swing Shouters

One of the best Swing Bands, loved by dancers all around, coming from France to make you Swing Out like crazy all night long! We just love these guys.

Swing Shouters

24 Robbers Swing Band

They are gonna play in a Septet, for the first time, at Little Big Swing!

24 Robbers Swing Band

Riverside Band

These four musicians got together especially for Little Big Swing Classes and Dance Parade