Our concept

Swing Camp Portugal

Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz

First, we are dancers, not just leaders and followers. We love the connection of Lindy Hop and the moments we share when we dance together. 

We want to incorporate solo movement as an expression of this art form and an opportunity to improve in partner dancing.

This year we will be focusing on teamwork while promoting a deep appreciation and understanding of Swing and Jazz music and the African-American roots of this dance.

Swing Camp Portugal

Class Content

Swing Camp Portugal

Amazing Teachers

You will learn with experienced and inspiring teachers, with an approachable, inclusive attitude. They all come from different backgrounds and will share their unique journey.

Our camp wants to encourage interacting and sharing of knowledge between dancers and musicians. Every level will have a 1-hour class of Lindy Hop with live music.

Swing Camp Portugal

Class with live music

Swing Camp Portugal

Time to experiment

7 hours of Lindy Hop and 2 hours of Solo Jazz will be distributed between Thursday morning and Saturday afternoon. You’ll always find time to share, experiment and party (at least one free morning or afternoon per group).


Little Big Swing Teachers Peter Kertz Elze Visnevskyte
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Elze & Peter

They are maybe just the right amount of crazy you’ve been looking for. She comes from Lithuania, while he comes from Los Angeles and together, they have this Euro-American style all about fun and connectedness. Their musicality, playfulness, and creativity are not just parts of their light-hearted personalities as dancers, but also as instructors. For them, Lindy Hop is much more than only leading and following… it’s dancing… trying to feel your partner… and in the meantime having a freaking great time!

Their energy is contagious and their class material is stimulating. Be prepared for loud laughs, crazy fun, and exciting new moves!

María & Aurélien

For them, movement is an experience; a holistic experience that starts deep within ourselves. Jazz dancing is the experience of moving to and being moved by jazz music. It is an artform born from the black American culture and experience. It is rich with an incredible legacy and full of potential for evolution. Its links with other black American artforms (modern or ancient) run deep and are worth exploring. Its capacity to incorporate exogenous languages is limitless. It offers a path to connect with others through tradition, culture, and the social spaces that movement creates.

They have been dancing together for almost 10 years. They live in Barcelona where they direct the Cia.EnJazz (a dance company that both brings jazz dancing to the stages and develops social projects) and where they teach regular Jazz classes . With a strong bond to Geneva, where Aurélien was born. Together with good friends, they have founded Backbeat, an association which organizes weekly and monthly workshops in Geneva, as well as a yearly festival, the shaKe that laKe.

Little Big Swing Teachers María Ferrer Aurélien Darbellay
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Little Big Swing Teachers Alexey Kazennov Marta Stawicka
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Marta & Alexey

For Marta Stawicka Lindy Hop is a space filled with inspiring music, freedom of movement, and plain fun. She tries to share her inexhaustible energy, passion, and knowledge during classes, workshops, and social dances.

You can find Alexey Kazennov teaching, practicing and traveling all over the world. He loves to challenge and push himself constantly to improve. He has won a great number of competition titles (ILHC, Savoy Cup, The Snowball, Lindy Shock, Rock That Swing, etc.). Alexey is famous for his personal style as a dancer, his big smile and most of all for his high energy on the dance floor. You will probably see him until the party ends, don’t miss his “survivors picture”! His purpose as a teacher is to inspire people to find their own style.

Pedro Vieira

Pedro discovered Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz in 2012. His enthusiasm for the dance was so strong that, one year later, he started to teach. His passion led him to try new styles and become a regular teacher of Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, and Boogie-Woogie, both in Porto (Portugal) and Vigo (Spain). Nicholas Brothers, Al Minns, Leon James are some of the dancers that most inspired him in his journey until today. 

As a proud member of the Swing community, Pedro is delighted to have the opportunity to share and spread this part of the African-American culture with everyone!

Little Big Swing Teachers Pedro Vieira
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We know it’s hard to identify your level sometimes. Our classes with have interesting content for every group. If the teachers feel that a participant’s level is not right (both up or down) we will do our best to find you the right match.

Level 1: Intermediate

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for at least 9 months. You already learned in classes and social dance moves like: basic 6 counts with triple steps, swing out, circle and basic Charleston steps like tandem Charleston and hand-to-hand. You are excited to (maybe) go to your first festival and improve your dance by learning new vocabulary and discovering more about connection.

You might have tried or not some solo jazz classes or know some solo jazz moves and routines like the Shim Sham, but you are excited to learn and explore more about the routes of Solo Jazz.

Level 2: Intermediate-Advanced

You’ve been dancing for at least 1.5 years, taking classes and social dancing. You are comfortable with the basics like swing out, circle, tuck-turn, out-side turn and you already know a lot of moves that you cannot name. You are able to improvise and maybe add some Solo Jazz moves to your partner dancing. You can mix between triple steps and kicks, 6 and 8 count and you can dance fast and slow tempos. You are excited and open to receive new ideas around musicality, connection and to add diversity to your dance.


You have learned some basic routines like the Shim Sham, tried alone or in classes some Solo Jazz moves. You are ready to learn some more vocabulary or pick the harder challenges also provided in class.

Level 3: Advanced

You’ve been dancing for at least 3 years, and you have been to some festivals already. There’s no doubt that dance is in your life to stay. You are comfortable with different tempos, different types of partner connections and you feel like you can improvise and stay connected to your partner, the music and yourself. Vocabulary is not your priority and you want to know more about the origins of the dance, to find your own voice and to feel more free to express your dance.


You have learned some basic routines like the Shim Sham, tried alone or in classes some Solo Jazz moves. You are ready to learn some more vocabulary or pick the harder challenges also provided in class. If you already dance Solo Jazz frequently the classes will have challenges for you too.

Level 4: Advanced+

You’ve been dancing for at least 4 or 5 years. You must be comfortable in all tempos, from very slow to very fast, and be an experienced social dancer. Most of the times you’re placed at the highest levels in international workshops. You might be teaching locally, performing or/and competing. You are eager to learn new approaches, to get inspired and to continue the path to find your own voice in dance.


You have taken Solo Jazz classes, regularly or not, dancing solo doesn’t scare you although you might not have as much experience as you have with Lindy Hop. If you already dance Solo Jazz frequently the classes will have challenges for you too.

Taster Topics

Down by the Riverside Choreo
with Kari Sha
Be the first to learn our camp choreography with the wonderful Kari Sha. Kari is a dancer, teacher and choreographer from Belarus and Poland. She’s a pioneer of Chorus Line dance in Poland and a member of the Herrang Dance Camp Daily Meeting Chorus Line in Sweden. She’s part of the Little Big Apple School team.
with Cátia and Henrique

Because we need playfulness in our serious lives, join Cátia and Henrique in this taster about creativity, improvisation, and freedom.

Cátia is a dancer from Portugal, where she also runs Little Big Apple school. Her biggest passion is to bring the love of swing dance to as many people as she can. Since 2011, that journey has brought her all over Europe to dance, teach and hug people.

Henrique’s huge smile on the dance floor and his groovy moves go well with his ability to inspire and make people laugh during class.
Cátia and Henrique have been teaching together since 2018 at Little Big Apple.

In the air
with Marta and Pedro

The grass outside was meant to try some fun aerials. Here you will get to know some flashy moves in a safe space. Get ready to get off the ground with the amazing Pedro Vieira and Marta Chamosa.

Marta dances Lindy Hop since 2013 and learned Boogie Woogie, Shag, Balboa and aerials in Barcelona. She teaches regularly with love and passion Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz in Vigo (Spain) and Porto (Portugal) swing schools.

Pedro discovered Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz in 2012. His enthusiasm for the dance was so strong that, one year later, he started to teach. He became a regular teacher of Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, and Boogie-Woogie, both in Porto (Portugal) and Vigo (Spain).

Get ready to Shine
with Kari Sha
Get some tips on how to upgrade your performance. If you’re practicing for a showcase or competition, if you’re curious about spotlight moments, or want to get rid of your stage fright, this taster is for you. Kari Sha will share her stage experience and get you some notes about your act, finding ways to help you on your personal journey and make your moments shine brighter!
Rhythms and Sounds in your Solo Jazz
with Joana Lemos
In this taster, you will be able to explore how you can use your body to produce rhythms and sounds and thus multiply the possibilities of your dance! Prepare to melt the brain, but refresh the soul! Joana is a dancer and teacher from Portugal, where she runs Swing n’ Smile School. Joana has been dancing Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Collegiate Shag since 2012 and solo movement and routines are her thing! She believes dancing is for everybody and will be happy to share and dance with you all.
Sing in a Choir
with Mattia Corda
If you’re always whistling Down By The Riverside just like us, you’re going to love this taster. You’re going to have a chance to connect and sing the same song, finding your voice with the help of Mattia Corda. We will all sing, play and dance it together on our Farewell Parade on sunday.
Play in a Band
with Riverside Band
In this combo class managed by the Riverside band, you will practice how to play Down by the Riverside. It’s a great chance to learn from professional musicians, get to know other people and discover great partnerships. On Sunday, you will have the opportunity to shine with your new crew and give back to the community, in our special Farewell Parade.


Most of our classes will happen in the Hotel, just a 2-minute walk from your room, by elevator if you’re really, really tired from yesterday’s party… which you will be.

Only one class will happen outside, but at a short walking distance from our main location.

Hotel Swing Camp Portugal
Hotel Swing Camp Portugal
Hotel Swing Camp Portugal