We have created an all-inclusive, comfortable experience just for you. Classes, parties, meals, and accommodation – All in the same spot, so you’ll not need to rush. With a classy environment and the friendliest people around, we know you’ll enjoy the Grande Hotel Thermas.

Grand Hotel Thermas is situated in São Pedro do Sul since 1919, although renovated, it still keeps the same charm from the past while embracing the comforts of the current times.

Regular Rooms

There are 4 types of regular rooms.

All the rooms have private toilets, with free toiletries and towels.

Since we’ve got different room sizes and configurations, along with varying renovation statuses, we’ll be sorting them out based on when people signed up. So, whoever registered first will get first dibs on their room. That way, we’re making sure it’s fair for everyone.

Double: one double bed.
Twin: two single beds.
Triple: two single beds + sofa converting to a double bed (we will use it only for 1 person)
Quadruple: 2 single beds + 1 double bed

Premium Rooms

These are the more recent rooms of the hotel. They are being finished in May 2023 with all the details to make your stay even more comfortable, glamours and with the perfect view of São Pedro do Sul.

When you sign up for Premium, it’s certain you’ll get a double room just for you and your partner, ensuring maximum privacy.

All the rooms have private toilets, with free toiletries and towels. 

The premium rooms a double bed or 2 single beds. 

Sharing rooms

  • We will ask for your preferences in our registration form. We will try our best to pair you with your friends and have your preferences into consideration. The sooner you sign up, the better chances are to attend the majority of your preferences.
  • If you are a couple: Sign up as bedmates for a double bedroom or a Premium room. If you sign up for Premium, it’s certain you’ll get a double room just for the two of you. There are some regular rooms for couples, but they will be assigned by order of registration.
  • If you’re coming with a friend or group of friends: Every room is an option – double, triple or quadruple. Pick the best choice for the number of people in your group and we’ll try our best to keep you together.
  • Keep in mind that Groups of 4 people will have priority on our waiting list for classes and get a nice discount. If you know 3 people that want to share a room with you, check out our Group Pass.
  • If you’re coming alone or don’t have a roommate yet: By default, we pair participants in double or triple rooms with people of the same gender. If this is indifferent to you, you can select that option in the registration form and get more chances to find a place at the festival.
  • Keep in mind that your roommate(s) doesn’t need to be your partner for classes.
  • Start gathering your friends’ emails to add them as roommates in your registration form – It opens on May 29th.
  • Your safety and comfort are our top priority. To register, all participants must agree with our Code of Conduct. During the event, we will have a team responsible for protecting these rules.


All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included, from Thursday dinner to Monday breakfast – served in a buffet. If you have the munchies, we’ll have snacks at the bar at an affordable price, day and night.

To comply with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, our meals are mainly vegetarian.

At lunch and dinner, the main dish will be vegan. There will be soup, and a variety of starters, side dishes, and desserts. Wine will be served at dinner.

Breakfast will have non-vegetarian options available, like milk, butter, eggs, and charcuterie.

In the registration form, you will have the chance to let us know about any food allergies or intolerance.

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How to get there

If you come from abroad, we advise you to check flights for Porto.
We will organize a bus from Porto, leaving the airport at 3 pm and the city center around 3.45 pm. On the way back, the bus will leave the Hotel at 12 pm and it’s best to count on at least 2 hours to get to the airport.

Besides our organized BUS there are public buses leaving Porto and Lisbon.
The earliest buses leave around 6 am and get you to Porto central around 8:45 am, you can count with 40 min more to get to the airport. There are also several buses to Lisbon if that option works better for you.


If you decide to bring your own car, there is a big parking lot close to the hotel. If you have spare space(s) in your car please consider sharing a ride with your fellow Lindy Hoppers. The environment will for sure thank you, and as an extra, you can also split the costs of traveling.
Taxis from Porto Airport to the Hotel cost around 100€.