Let's Party

4 Nights

4 parties with live music, from Thursday to Sunday night.

1 Street Parade

A street parade down by the riverside on Sunday afternoon, where you can dance, play an instrument or sing.

Afternoon Jams

Enjoy the afternoon with Jams that gather professional and amateur musicians.


We will have performances by our amazing teachers and we invite you to share your passion too! If you want to perform drop us a line by e-mail, we would love to hear your ideas.

Mix & Match

We believe competitions can be friendly and exciting. They can make you grow as a dancer and inspire others too. Registrations for Mix & Match will open in September.


Hot Swing Sextet

Hot Swing Sextet offers a trip back in time to the frenzied atmosphere of the jazz clubs of the 30s.
From Paris to Harlem, From Django Reinhardt to Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong through, Hot Swing Sextet organized for you, a trip “tailored” towards “Swing”.

Get on board with these six young musicians full of energy. “Swing”, “swaying” and good humor are on the menu of this great Journey through the “middle-jazz”.

Are you ready to swing out with them?


Thibaud Bonté: trumpet

Bertrand Tessier: saxophone

Erwann Muller: electric guitar

Ludovic Langlade: guitar

Franck Richard: double bass

Jéricho Ballan: drums

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24 Robbers swing
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24 Robbers Swing Band - Septet

One of the very few vintage jazz bands in Portugal, 24 Robbers are well known on the dance-floors of lindy hop, where their swinging groove makes it hard to stop dancing.

This international group, that truly appreciates the art of swing, is heavily influenced by such names as Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and many other great stars from the 1920s to the 1940s.


Kristina Zurauskaite: vocals

João Pedro Silva: guitar

Hugo Esteves: drums

Heriberto Rojas: double bass

Julien Silvand: trompet

Francisco Menezes: saxophone

Máxim Colls: clarinet

Riverside Band

Members of the local and international community got together just for our event. They will play for you in the classes, give tasters and join the street parade.

Maka the Monkey: double bass & trombone
Máxim Colls: clarinet
Julien Silvand: trompet
Margarida Martins : guitar
Hugo Esteves: drums

Party Venue

All parties will happen at our beautiful hotel, Grande Hotel Thermas. Our Main Hall features a real wooden floor, big windows, elegant lights, and a great acoustic. You can party hard and have a nice drink at the bar, at an affordable price.

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Your time to shine

We’ll have performances from our teachers and team. But the floor is also yours! Check the best moments to shine.

Mix & Match

In this competition, you can register alone as Leader or as Follower. In the prelims you will be judged individually dancing with different partners. If you get to the finals, you will have one randomly chosen partner and be judged as a couple. The finals will have live music from Hot Swing Sextet. Expect some craziness that can only happen at Little Big Swing. 

Prizes: 1st place gets a Party Pass for Little Big Swing 2024

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Open Stage
Thursday to Sunday nights

Share a dance performance! If you have an act prepared, alone or in a couple/group, this is the place to show it. We’ll ask you not to pass a 3-minute piece and register first, sending us a brief description, name and song to lbswing.com@gmail.com

Street Parade
Sunday afternoon

This is where you can show what you learned at our Tasters. All the times you jammed and danced will be celebrated as we dance through the town of São Pedro do Sul. This is a way to give back to the local community that welcomed some crazy lindy hoppers, share our culture, and bring some smiles.

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