Our Goal

Promote a comfortable but inspiring learning experience, with great instructors.
Facilitate a great swing-dancing vacation, with time to rest, create and mingle, in a beautiful location.


We’re a small team of highly motivated and crazy people. We love people, music and dancing and are eager to spend time getting to know you.

Cátia Fonseca
David Afonso
Henrique Belo
Inês Coimbra
Nuno Neves
Rui Cipriano



We have a few spots for volunteers, if you would like to join us, drop us a line at lbswing.production@gmail.com.

Sponsors and Partners

We are part of the Swinging Europe Network project, Co-Funded by the European Union, under the Creative Europe Project. This allows us to promote a cultural event in Portugal and deliver a quality experience to every participant that we couldn’t achieve otherwise.